Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Being modeled after the centuries- old bachelor’s party , the bachelorette party, always involves some sort of partying with friends, displays of sexual freedom, getting drunk, the sharing of intimate secrets, sex toy ladies/ shows and the enjoying of male strippers, whether at a male revue or privately in home. Bachelorette parties are a great way for ladies to bond with their very best of friends while celebrating their friend’s last day of single freedom. Bachelorette parties in Chicago can be very exhausting to plan if you’re a first timer but with a little guidance you can become a pro in no time. Every bridesmaid wants a worry free and perfectly planned occasion for her bride to be. Read on and hopefully you will find all you need to plan your bachelorette’s perfect night out in Chicago.


The first steps to planning a perfect bachelorette party in Chicago are very basics in any party planning, time, date and guest list. After nailing down a date and time that works for your bride to be, your guest list needs to be perfected. Choose the bachelorette’s close friends and family members that will approve of the night’s debauchery. Always over invite! Even if you are trying to keep it a small gathering, over invite. Almost always, there will b guests that cannot make it. Remember that people are busy just like you are.


Deciding on a location of your bachelorette party in Chicago may be the toughest part of the planning process. You can choose from homes, hotel rooms, restaurants, private rooms in bars and night clubs or just hanging out at a local male revue all night. There also may be many variables involved in this decision. The biggest influence on the decision of a location may be the choice of entertainment for the evening. There are many options for your location that can accommodate your needs. You may just need to get in touch with the venues management and explain your plans. You may find them very accommodating and flexible in order to gain the business of you and your group.


Now we get to the fun part! There are so many options for entertainment in the city of Chicago. There are tons of games, fun bars, sex toy ladies, and of course hot male strippers.

Bachelorette Party Games

Besides drinking games, there are many bachelorette party games that can be found on various websites that can both entertain and embarrass your bachelorette. All you need to do is choose which ones may be appropriate and purchase the supplies needed from your local sex toy or bachelorette shop.


Along with drinking games, there are many Chicago bars and clubs that have special events and nights that cater to women and bachelorette parties. If this is your interest, make sure you research dates and call venues so you can properly plan your bachelorette party.

Sex Toy Parties/Demonstrations

If you decide to have a bachelorette party in Chicago at a home, hotel or a bar’s party room, you may choose to include a sex toy lady or demonstration as part of your entertainment. These presentations are both entertaining and very informative. There are also FREE! You don’t need to pay for anything unless you want to purchase a lotion, lube or toy. There are many different companies in Chicago and many different ladies to choose from. There are some sex toy ladies that have some great knowledge and can actually call themselves Sexperts. A lady like this may be great to offer some tips to your new, nervous bride to be. I would recommend a company whose items are tasteful, inexpensive and a consultant that seams knowledgeable and hip. You want to have a great time and laugh with your friends, not watch Grandma talk about vibrators ewwweeewwww.

Chicago Male Strippers

The most fun part of a bachelorette party is hot Chicago male strippers. Yum! In Chicago there are 2 options for male strippers, a male revue or a bachelorette part agency.

Male revues happen every week depending on the location you would like to stay in. Male revues offer u the chance to watch 3-5 male strippers in a show lasting 1.5 hours or so. You will usually need to purchase tickets in advance for most venues. Make sure you plan ahead and everyone buys their tickets on time.

Chicago male strippers that come to you are Chicago’s most popular form of bachelorette party entertainment. You can find many great agencies and many great and sexy male strippers. Every company in Chicago offers the same thing so they should all be around the same price. This should make things easier. You’re going to want to book with an agency that has a good reputation and good male strippers in chicago. Do your research and ask your friends, look at websites and call around. Watch for agencies that don’t answer your questions or make a lot of false promises. Take your time and consult with your guests, plan a head and you will have some wild, sexy, naked fun.

If you allow enough time to plan every aspect of your upcoming bachelorette party in Chicago and you are FLEXIBLE, your party will be great. Don’t fret about it all. Remember, it’s your friends night and you are all there to have a great time and you will ? !