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Chicago Exposed Strippers for Fantasy Football or Regular Season Football Games!!!!!

It’s already August!!!! Our summer is just about over but the Football season is just about to start. Everyone is getting super excited to see what our Chicago Bears will do this year.The start of football season also brings us FANTASY FOOTBALL!! I know all you guys are getting ready to pick your fantasy football teams & get in gear for a big season!

Our Exotic Female dancers are in getting ready too! They are ready to pop open your beer, mix your drink,mingle, tingle & tease your guests and get Wild.  Our Chicago Dancers work all sorts of Football parties in Chicago and Suburbs during this time of year .We are ready for any type of Event you plan!

You can book our Chicago Strippers for : Waitressing/Bartending during fantasy football drafts starting

Strip Shows and two Girl Fantasy shows after your fantasy football draft

Waitressing/Bartending during Chicago Bears games & parties

Half time and After Game Strip Shows and Two Girl Fantasy Shows  in Chicago & Suburbs

Waitressing/Bartending during Super Bowl

Strip Shows or 2 Girl Fantasy Shows during half time or After Super Bowl

We offer our same great rates in Chicago, Suburbs and NW Indiana – starting at $150 per girl . Call us for more details 312 394 9151


Get a Waitress for Your Party in Chicago

What is a Waitress/ Hostess? Why book one? This is a question that many people ponder while planning a bachelor party, birthday party, or in home sporting event in Chicago. A Hostess is not just what the name says. There are many options for waitresses, hostesses and bartenders including what they wear and how they entertain your guests .

In Chicago most of the ladies that are Waitresses are very fun. They are there to liven up your party. A waitress should offer to serve drinks or food, lap dances and some party games to the crowd. She is also there to mingle with your crowd, show everyone a little attention, SMILE and get the party started.

A topless waitress is good for almost any type of party where the guests will be hanging around for a few hours. The typical waitress job lasts around 2 hours. They can be extended but It’s not a good idea to keep a dancer around that long. If you need a waitress for a long period of time its better to book different ladies to cover the time. This way no one gets tired. The perfect events to have a Waitress at are bachelor parties, football parties, boxing & ufc viewing parties, super bowl parties and poker parties.


2 girl shows in Chicago

We offer the hottest two-girl shows in Chicago – bar none! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see two of our showgirls perform together! What they do will blow your mind! This isn’t your typical striptease. This is the ultimate topper which will leave the bachelor in awe. While we recommend our single strips and topless waitresses to accompany you, our sultry two-girl show is a great way to finish off the night. For more info., click on the picture above or call Chicago Exposed at (312) 394-9151

Our two-girl show is the hottest in Chicago – bar none!

If you need that special something to put your party above the top, this is it. Watch these girls play out your wildest fantasies in the comforts of your own living room. The duo will first erotically undress themselves, while playfully teasing and taunting the guest of honor. The show will then evolve into a erotica show, with the girls fully exposed. They will then showcase their many talents to the audience – on each other. The show will then climax with the grand finale, better left for the imagination rather than words. After word, the whole audience is invited to participate. The girls will offer party games, including lap dances, body shots, etc. Duration of the party 1-1.5 hrs depending on crowd size & participation.

Be the guy everyone is thanking for throwing the best bachelor party

$500 Choose any two girls we have available

chicago strippers - two girl shows

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Planning a Bachelor Party in Chicago

Bachelor Parties

Wow! Your friend is tying the knot and now you’re in charge. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first but like any party with a little planning it will all come together nicely.
a Bachelor party often entails the mass consumption of alcohol, lots of strippers, gambling and general rowdiness. Bachelor parties have come to symbolize the last time when the groom is free of the influence of his new wife. It’s his last night out of freedom to bond with his friends and get crazy. The task of organizing a bachelor party is often traditionally assigned to the bachelor’s brother or to the best man.
In the US, some very popular bachelor party destinations are Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago. Chicago is an awesome place to have a bachelor party. You’re really lucky. There are lots of options for bachelor parties here.  Read on for some helpful hints on planning your bro’s bachelor party.
The first steps to planning a perfect bachelor party in Chicago are very basics in any party planning, time, date and guest list. After nailing down a date and time that works for your groom to be, your guest list needs to be perfected. Choose the bachelor’s close friends and family members. Always over invite! Even if you are trying to keep it a small gathering, over invite. Almost always, some guy’s girlfriends and wives may not approve.
Deciding on a location of your bachelor party in Chicago may be the toughest part of the planning process. You can choose from homes, hotel rooms, restaurants, private rooms in bars and night clubs or just hanging out at a local male revue all night. There also may be many variables involved in this decision. The biggest influence on the decision of a location may be the choice of entertainment for the evening. There are many options for your location that can accommodate your needs. You may just need to get in touch with the venues management and explain your plans. You may find them very accommodating and flexible in order to gain the business of you and your group.
Now we get to the fun part! There are so many options for entertainment in the city of Chicago. There are tons of games, fun bars, gambling, strip clubs and of course hot female strippers.
Bachelor Party Games
Besides drinking games, there are many bachelor party games that can be found on various websites that can both entertain and embarrass your bachelor. All you need to do is choose the best ones and purchase the supplies needed.
Along with drinking games, there are many Chicago bars and clubs that have special events that cater to bachelor parties. If this is your interest, make sure you research dates and call venues so you can properly plan your bachelor party.
Chicago Female Strippers
The most fun part of a bachelorette party is hot Chicago female strippers. FUN! In Chicago there are 2 options for female strippers, a strip club or a bachelor party agency. The strip clubs in Chicago are pretty lame compared to other cities and very expensive.
Chicago female strippers that come to you are Chicago’s most popular form of bachelor party entertainment. There are usually 3 options for strippers in Chicago. Most companies offer big breasted topless waitresses, sexy strip shows and seductive 2 girl shows. Choose your options wisely based on how much you have in your budget, how many guests you will have for sure and the time frame you have for your party.
A good guide to follow when ordering female strippers is 1 stripper for every 10 guests present. Also keep tipping in mind. Your guests will want lap dances and to play games with the strippers. Most games and dances go from $10-$30 each. The more dancers you have, the more your friends may feel obligated to tip.
You can find many great agencies and many great and sexy female strippers. Every company in Chicago offers the same thing so they should all be around the same price. This should make things easier. You’re going to want to book with an agency that has a good reputation and good female strippers in Chicago. Do your research and ask your friends, look at websites and call around. Watch for agencies that don’t answer your questions or make a lot of false promises. Take your time and consult with your guests, plan a head and you will have some wild, sexy, naked fun.
Some bachelor parties take place in casinos or just have a lot of gambling going on. If you are looking for a casino, there are a few in Northwest Indiana (these are closest to downtown), Elgin and Aurora.
For in party gambling some guys choose poker tournaments, craps tables, hi-low games and so many more to choose from. Most of these types of parties happen at a house, hotel room or party room at a bar. These parties often involve gambling, joking around and hot strippers serving beer and drinks topless. Topless waitresses are super popular for when guys are hanging around the house or hotel room.

If you allow enough time to plan every aspect of your upcoming bachelor party in Chicago and you are FLEXIBLE, your party will be great. RELAX! Don’t fret about it all. Remember, it’s your friends night and you are all there to have a great time and you will? !